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     I have used Morden Carpet Cleaning Company several times and am never disappointed. The cleaners always get my property spotless, and their rates are quite reasonable.
Patricia Martin21/05/2020
     This is the second time I have used MordenCarpetCleaners for carpet cleaning services. I loved your flexibility and how willing you are to work even with the last minute notice. Always a happy client.
     I needed my kitchen cleaned and fast. I couldn't do it myself in the time I had so I sought some help. Morden Carpet Cleaning were the people who aided me in my hour of need as they saw to all my kitchen cleaning problems. They got the job done in no time and gave me a spotless kitchen. I had a clean kitchen in record time and have to thank them for the hard work they did for me.
Susanna Parr24/09/2015
     When I returned to my home after working abroad for a few months, I wanted to have a light spring clean throughout. I honestly couldn't be bothered to do it personally and so I called Morden Carpet Cleaning at the suggestion of a friend. They did an amazing job and made my home welcoming again. Thanks guys!
Fiona P. 14/07/2015
     In general, I am an adept of the belief according to which you get what you pay for. This is not the case with my cleaning company though (MordenCarpetCleaners). They ask for a small fee, but deliver beyond expectations, really. Professional, on time, fast and not expensive at all - the perfect cleaning company!
Loraine 17/03/2015
     I wanted my house cleaned for Christmas as I had family visiting. I booked a firm my sister used called MordenCarpetCleaners, who did some great offers on their deep cleaning. I was amazed at how thorough the service was. The cleaners really covered every little detail of my home until the place gleamed. The service was excellent, the staff worked hard and the cost very viable. Thank you so much, I will certainly be using this firm again soon. It is lovely to leave the housework to the experts.
Joanne R.27/02/2015
     I have nothing but praise for MordenCarpetCleaners, which delivers a quality service that reflects their motto of excellence and reliability. Their cleaners come to my home once a month to give the place a good and thorough clean. They make sure to always send out the same team of individuals who get right down to work and don't stop until they've cleaned every corner and every hanging lamp! I couldn't be happier and the prices are so reasonable. Such a brilliant service!
     As a hard working mother of a busy family unit, listen to me on this one please; cleaning the home is an exercise in frustration. Just when I think I've got everything sorted, the hurricane that is my family blows through. I desperately needed a reprieve, and with MordenCarpetCleaners that is exactly what I got. I hire them once a week now after the great job that they did the first time; I hired them in the afternoon, and everything looked spotless in no time! A fantastic service that did not cost the earth to hire - just wonderful!
S. Mark29/08/2014
     My children are always making a mess. Whether they are getting here toys everywhere, spilling their food or drawing on the walls, they leave me with a lot of cleaning to do. It can be tough to get the cleaning one though when I have to keep my eyes on three toddlers and so the work never was completed. I heard about MordenCarpetCleaners so I decided to call them up. They were the answer to my prayers, as know I have a professional cleaner seeing to all the mess while I can focus on my children. I don't know how I ever managed without their help.
Vanessa Chilton 20/06/2014
     There's only a few times I can remember that I've gone out of the way to recommend a service to people. MordenCarpetCleaners are one of those who I will recommend to anyone who will listen and after yet another fantastic instance of them coming to my home and cleaning a particularly difficult spot, they've only done more to cement themselves into my good books. The best help I've ever gotten in terms of a cleaning service and I would happily hire them for any kind of cleaning in any kind of home, they are just that good at cleaning.
Bruce Alexander04/06/2014
     I have not always had cleaners, but whilst I have, I have found that they can be a bit of a nuisance. Not with MordenCarpetCleaners though. I am pretty wary when hiring new cleaning companies because of my bad experiences with some of them in the past, but this team really are excellent, and will ensure that anyone that they work for get a wonderful service, for a fraction of the price that you might expect to be paying. I am very pleased to have found them, and to endorse them on here as well.
Eric Howard14/05/2014

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